Aurobindo Pharma plans expansion programme in Pydibhimavaram


Aurobindo Pharma is planning to expand its bulk drug unit in Pydibhimavaram/Chittivalasa in Ranasthalam Mandal in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh. The project involves expanding bulk drug production capacity from 583.31 TPM to 1518.3 TPM.

Land required for the project is already available. The project cost is estimated at ₹2,200 million. Existing unit has 1 x 35 TPH, 1 x 25 TPH, 1 x 20 TPH coal fired boilers and 1 x 6 TPH oil fired boiler (oil fired boiler will be kept as standby after expansion). Additionally, 1 x 35 TPH coal fired boiler will be installed.

As of April 2019, the project is in planning stage.

Project LocationPydibhimavaram, Srikakulam District,Andhra Pradesh
Project Cost (in million)₹2,200
Project Capacity1000 tpm
Project StatusPlanning
Commissioning Date

Company Profile : Aurobindo Pharma Ltd

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