SVL Life Science plans bulk drugs unit in Kovvada

SVL Life Science is planning to set up a bulk drugs unit in Kovvada in Agraharam village in Pushpatirega Mandal in Vizianagaram District of Andhra Pradesh. The project involves setting up of a bulk drugs manufacturing unit to produce Losartan Potassium (6.0 tpm), Pregablin (7.5 tpm), Flucanozole (3.0 tpm), Ketorolac (6.0 tpm), Ondansetron (1.5 tpm), Atrovastatin Calcium (3.0 tpm), Olanzapine (2.1 tpm), Linezolide (1.8 tpm). The project cost is estimated at Rs. 250 million.

Company Profile : SVL Lifescience Pvt Ltd

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